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For our "December Tour 2022" we are looking for experienced singers (tenor, altos, sopranos) who have experience with polyphonic harmony and learning and executing choreographies. Interested? Send us an acapella sung audition video via in which you sing a song of your choice. You can simply record the video with your telephone. Minimum age is 18 years.

Part of the audition process may be that you are invited to a rehearsal or series of rehearsals with ZO! Gospel Choir. It is also possible that you participate in a performance prior to the "December Tour 2022".


We are looking for experienced singers who can learn quickly. The parts to be learned are not (always) written out on sheet music, however, we rehearse according to our own methodology that uses the musicianship of the singers as a starting point. At ZO! Gospel Choir it is important that you can dance. Choreographies are part of our performances.  


It is important that you are available for consecutive days during the tour in the period December 2022. The tour includes hotel stays and covers the Netherlands and Belgium.



Preparatory rehearsals are underway prior to the tour and are expected to start mid-October 2022. Tuesday evenings are the regular rehearsal days, but other days of the week will also be included in the schedule. Almost all rehearsals take place in Amsterdam.

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