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Remuneration policy

ZO! Gospel Choir strives for respectful and fair treatment and recognizes the value of its singers and other stakeholders. Although not all regulations of the Collective Labor Agreement for Music Ensembles can always be followed, due to our non-structurally subsidized status and the resulting financial limitations, we work as much as possible from the spirit of the Collective Labor Agreement.

Within our financial capabilities, we strive for fair compensation that is, as much as possible, in accordance with the collective labor agreement and the performance and involvement of our team members. In addition, we encourage open communication and feedback to adjust our practices and adjust them where necessary.


We remain committed to improvement and the well-being of everyone involved with us. We therefore strive to provide a positive, supportive and safe working environment in which all legal requirements regarding working conditions are complied with.

Click here for the Collective Labor Agreement for Music Ensembles.

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